Have an Eye for Jewelry?

Evil Eye jewelry is at the height of it’s popularity even celebrities are sporting the trend such as Cameron Diaz, Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore, Lauren Conrad and Kelly Ripa. The jewelry is worn to ward off the “evil eye" and create a protective shield from others who want to bring harm to your success. It’s believed to save you from negative energies such as anger, hatred, fear, jealousy and other energies that can affect your health and fortune.

Evil Eye Jewelry

The charms, as you can see, come many different forms. Vanessa Mooney has a beautiful necklace on Shopbop and there are even several types to choose from on Amazon.

I came across this glass eye ring at Kimberly Klosterman Jewelry and even though it’s not an evil-eye charm, I have a feeling this ring will definitely ward off something — maybe dates?


Foursquare Jewelry.


Yes, that’s right! There is a company that will make custom jewelry pieces based on your Foursquare activity. Based in San Francisco, Meshu allows you to link your foursquare account with their website so you can easily choose your checkin design. 

Your designs can be broken down by areas from all cities/all checkins to US only to a specific city.  Here’s how a few of mine breakdown: 


Oh and boys, this isn’t just for ladies — they make cuff-links too! To customize further, you can choose your own material and color.  Finished pieces range from $75-$150.