Pattern Pulp Team.

Re: Pattern Pulp


I’m super excited to introduce the newest contributor to the Pattern Pulp team. Chelsa Skees and I met at the Smile one Sunday afternoon after taking a cue from our mutual friends. After the fifth person tells you, “you have to meet this girl, your creative worlds overlap,” it’s a heads up to heed life’s roadmap…

Skees has an ever-changing sense of style which is derived from her decade-long experience in the fashion and beauty industries.  Her creative sensibility comes from working alongside powerhouses like Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein Collection and stylists Karl Templer and Camilla Nickerson as well as her passion for working with emerging talent such as Julian Louie and Satya Twena.

Most recently, Skees has brought her talent as a merchandiser and buyer to the buzzy Chelsea shop, Story. Currently she works as a freelance stylist, model, and blogger. She’s also been known to advise fashion startups from time to time.

Her weekly PP column will focus on the many textures that feed her styling assignments and the role they play in the photoshoot. From inspiration to execution, follow along as she shares her visual stories.