Conversations on Style - Holiday Party Essentials

In this episode of Kmart Fashion Conversations on Style, I’m on a mission to find a great day to night dress for the upcoming holiday season. I scour the East Village in search of a great dress — of course, I find the perfect vintage black mini at one of my favorite stores, Duo.

My advice to take any look from day to night is to dress it up with jewelry or a bright lip color. 

2012 NYC Triathlon



This past weekend I raced in my first Olympic length triathlon. I ran to raise money for Camp Interactive, a charity that introduces the power of technology and the inspiration of the outdoors to underprivileged inner-city youth. It was such an amazing experience to see New York in a way I’ve never seen it before — swimming in the Hudson River alone is something I will not forget anytime soon. 

My training consisted of:

  • Running —  Tried to run 4 to 6 miles every other day for the last 4 months
  • Spinning — Around 7 spin classes spread out over two months approaching race day
  • Bicycling (on road) — Two 20+ mile rides both within a month of race day
  • Open Water Swimming — Two days of 30 minutes of ‘swimming’ (more like doggy paddling + floating) in Napeague Bay wearing a rented surfing wetsuit not the actual Trisuit I wore during the race…no, that I put on the day of the race and hoped for the best

**For triathlon standards I guess you can say I was possibly a little under-trained**

My highlights:

  • Leaving my apartment at 4:30am — just in time to see drunk stumbling 20-somethings making their way home, fighting in the streets, couples breaking-up, and other rowdiness that only 4am drunkenness brings
  • The moment right before jumping in the Hudson! Also, having two kayakers ask me if I was OK since my spazzy swimming technique had them all thinking I was drowning *rolling eyes* that was awesome…
  • Seeing my friends Will McD and Xtain after the swim cheering me on
  • Making friends with a fellow biker who unintentionally made me keep up with her through the whole bike portion (mainly, because she was in my age group and yes, I’m that competitive) Even when my chain fell off 14 miles in, I kept my eye on her and pushed hard to catch up knowing it was the only way to make up that time
  • Running down 72nd street and for the first time seeing a huge crowd cheering
  • Grabbing water from a volunteer and dumping it on myself only to realize moments later I had soaked my mobile phone in my running belt (no worries, it survived!) 
  • Again seeing my friends Will McD and Xtain near the finish line 
  • Finishing!!  (Ranked 37th in my age group of about 300 women!)
  • Running through the finish line AGAIN because I jumped in and ran the last quarter mile with Dennis
  • Being interviewed by NY1 right after the race where they only used one quote from me mentioning something about how I ‘floated down the river and let the current do all the work’. For the record, I don’t know why I said that. I just finished an intense amount of physical activity and was severely dehydrated. Yes, the current helps you a TON in this race however, like I said above (re: spazzy swimming technique) there was no floating involved. I hustled my butt off and totally looked like an idiot doing so. It’s amazing how video editors will always take the most ridiculous thing you say and use it for their piece. That is why all those bystanders interviewed by new channels always look like dummies. I don’t know if the video editors have an amazing sense of humor (which I can respect) or if they are just assholes. 


Me + Dennis running through the finish line.