Helping the lovely Meena Hart Duerson from NY Daily News navigate the scary world of make-up shopping. I take Meena through Sephora and give her tips on how to not panic while picking out a lip color. 


  • Sephora carries a lot of different brands so pick specific brands (1 to 3 tops) you want to check out as to not overwhelm yourself with an array of choices.
  • Find a few colors you think you will like and try them on your hand first to get an idea of color and texture. 
  • Even if you like the color in the tube or on your hand, you’ll still need to try it on your lips to see how it looks. You never know what its going to look like until you actually try it. Make sure to go to a window or outside to see what it looks like in natural lighting! 
  • Bring a friend who is more comfortable shopping for colors and have her help guide you or ask one of the professionals there for assistance.
  • Don’t be shy, take deep breaths, and have fun!