Yo ♥ Tamarindo

Dennis & I booked a New Years trip to Costa Rica a little last minute so our hotel was a few miles outside of the town (25 minute walk). We rented bikes for the week so it was fine. This was our bike ride everyday into town. I loved it. During our night rides when there were very few street lights so I used a flashlight app on my phone for us to navigate. It got pretty dark, like East-Village-during-the-black-out kind of dark.

We took three days of surf lessons and surfed one day by ourselves. The Tamarindo beach was perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers — waves were pretty consistent and never too intimidating. What I loved most was the community in the water — since we surfed in an area where the majority of surfers were beginners, everyone was incredibly supportive and nice. Every so often when you caught a wave, you’d hear hoots & hollars…which I loved.

Yo ♥ Tamarindo.



In June of 2008 Dennis asked me to go on a bike ride because I got a new bike — as friends, I assumed this was a casual summer day activity. Again, assuming this was a casual friendly (NON-DATE) activity — I didn’t shower because who showers before a bike ride? Anyway, we rode all around — ended up storming while we were lost in Brooklyn so we took cover under a bus shelter and afterwards hit up Trout (which I believe has since closed) to grab lunch (lobster rolls). That evening we were going our separate ways and he sucker-punch-kissed me on the Williamsburg Bridge. I jumped on my bike and rode away from him so fast my hat flew off. The next day I had an emergency brunch with my girlfriends to tell them “OH. MY. GAWD. DENNIS CROWLEY KISSED ME YESTERDAY! WHAT WAS HE THINKING?! EWW!!” Even with all of the ‘eww’ faces I tried to make, I think my friends knew at that point I was already his girl. That one bike ride lead to over 4 years of dating. I guess you can say he sucker punched his way into my heart. 

Fast forward to the present —

While vacationing in Costa Rica, Dennis and I rented bikes and rode them all around town. Late night while riding our bikes on the beach in the middle of a pitch black night he grabbed my hand and asked me to marry him. I said yes! I’m so excited for the next chapter of our lives and looking forward to many years of happiness and even all of the sucker punches in between.

Conversations on Style - Holiday Party Essentials

In this episode of Kmart Fashion Conversations on Style, I’m on a mission to find a great day to night dress for the upcoming holiday season. I scour the East Village in search of a great dress — of course, I find the perfect vintage black mini at one of my favorite stores, Duo.

My advice to take any look from day to night is to dress it up with jewelry or a bright lip color. 


From Freelance to Full Time.

I had such a great summer freelancing with the Quincy girls that I decided to make it a little more permanent.  Below is the sweet introduction CEO Christina Wallace posted about me. 



Over the last few months many of you have commented on the engaging and helpful editorial content that has popped up on the Quincy blog — inspiration for everything from banishing style ruts to transforming particularly rough days to helping to bring a little whimsy and delight to your work life one aloe vera plant at a time. With the launch of the new Autumn/Winter collection we thought it was high time we introduced you to the genius behind that content: our Editorial Director and Stylist Chelsa Skees. Besides from being the editorial content brain-child, behind the scenes, Chelsa is joining our design team to help translate the new fashion trends from the runway to your office hallway as well as share other lifestyle and beauty resources she discovers along the way.

Chelsa began her career at Calvin Klein working alongside Francisco Costa and the design team of New York and Milan. After learning the industry’s ins and outs, she left a couple years ago and quickly made a name for herself as a stylist, fashion blogger, and muse for photographers, makeup artists, and designers alike. When we met Chelsa six months ago we immediately fell for her unique personal style as well as her warm personality and willingness to teach us the the style tricks and beauty tips that are second nature to her. She’s the stylish best friend every girl wishes she could turn to for advice, and we knew she’d be the perfect addition to the Quincy team.

She is also available for any questions or quandaries you may have with a new “Ask Chelsa” column that will run each week on the blog. Wondering how to prevent yellow pit stains in white shirts or need a new blowdryer? She’s the girl to ask. Trying to figure out how to pull off 5 days of style in a carry-on suitcase for a week-long business trip without wearing the same suit every day? Put her to the challenge. Email her at chelsa@quincyapparel.com or tweet your question to @QuincyApparel.