The Startup Chef


Still looking for gift ideas for the holidays? Check out The Startup Chef — a charity cookbook that just launched today featuring 75 recipes from inspiring leaders. I’m thrilled to say that my recipe made it into the book (Dad’s White Bean Chili — or should I say my dad’s recipe. Hi dad!) Friends, Maya Baratz and Hunter Walk are the masterminds behind this creation and I want to congratulate them on rounding up all of these delicious recipes and assisting in the fight to end hunger.

From Maya + Hunter:

A cookbook by people who make technology products may seem a bit counterintuitive at first. Technology, after all, is about bytes, not bites.

But the creative process that goes into cooking a great meal — and the raw vision, passion and imagination one applies to making something new out of a sum of unsuspecting ingredients — is not so different from the process of creating innovative technology products.

Much like the process of creating a startup, this book is a work in progress. And the 75-and-counting recipes, vignettes and photos in it (we will continue to add more to the book, in dynamic fashion, as we gather them) provide a sneak peek into the more personal side of the founders, investors and writers that power the tech industry.

What does the founder of the most popular blogging platform on the internet make for breakfast? What type of creative pastry do Randi Zuckerberg and her sister Donna whip up for their family during the holidays? It’s all in here, with their own personal stories and recipes, for you to make and enjoy (in a totally non-creepy, non-Single-White-Female sort of way).And of course it wouldn’t be a launch if there wasn’t that ‘one more thing’: all proceeds from the book will go to charities aiming to end hunger — ranging from feeding hungry children in the US to helping feed families severely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

We’re thankful to work in an industry filled with warm-hearted leaders who can not only cook a great meal, but help feed those who need it. Thanks for taking this first step with us. We hope it’s love at first bite!

With love and thanks,

Maya and Hunter